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DeAnne Rosenberg, Inc., specializes in custom designed in-house workshops that meet the goals of your organization and are appropriate for those participating.

Teaching methods are interactive and experiential: we believe that the more a person contributes to their own learning, the more effective that learning will be.







This book is written for those who have been given guardianship of their organization’s most valuable resource – its human capital. This is the only resource which can become more valuable with the passage of time, the gaining of experience and the appropriate nurturing. In the future, the only advantage one organization will have over another will depend on its technology and the creativity, motivation and energy of its human talent.

Fatal Flaw advocates a new foundation for the relationship between manager and employee, one which is based on coaching. Coaching assists a person to unlock their own potential, thereby maximizing their performance. When a coaching style is utilized, the manager never has to manipulate his/her people into accomplishing the work. Employees discover the issues hindering their performance and automatically self-correct.





Management's FATAL FLAW is published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC.  To purchase, click here.


Fatal Flaw points out that most employees are already adequately productive (for the demands of the job). What managers urgently require is superior performance. This is what proves their worth to the organization. Remember that in professional sports, if the team fails to meet its goals, it is the manager who gets fired, not the athletes.

Fatal Flaw is filled with actual stories about real people—authentic accounts of situations the author has dealt with during her years of consulting. This book contains management wisdom that can transform a good manager into an exceptional leader.

Fatal Flaw is supplemented with funny examples, self-scoring tests, graphs, charts, and cartoons. This is an engaging book that anyone who manages others will find truly valuable.


From Rage to Resolution illustrates that there are many opportunities for conflict and resolution every day. Some problems are truly beyond your control, but you can decide how you deal with these conflicts. You do have choices. You are in control. 

Every day we hear of another instance of person-on-person violence. We blame lax gun control laws and television violence because they are easy targets. The problem is more complicated than that.

Society has denied us the use of coping skills necessary for dealing with righteous anger and frustrations. 


In From Rage to Resolution, author DeAnne Rosenberg provides tools for:
• legitimizing anger and hostility;
• making intelligent decisions regarding hostility generating situations;
• empowering people to confront conflict effectively. 

Using real-life situations and anecdotes of people confronted with challenging, anger-producing situations, From Rage to Resolution offers methods to help you: 
• recognize that even the simplest conflict is intensely complicated; 
• realize why the strategy of don’t-get-mad-get-even doesn’t solve problems; 
• use the five traditional methods of conflict resolution effectively; 
• become skilled at verbally addressing conflict so that a win-win outcome is assured; 
• mediate a conflict; 
• recognize the relationship between anger/hostility and health/illness. 


Examples from Rage To Resolution

To purchase "From Rage To Resolution", click here.

Another definitive work by DeAnne Rosenberg:
"A Manager's Guide To Hiring The Best Person For Every Job"
Published by John Wiley & Sons



                     Also translated into Portuguese and Chinese 
                (Available only in Brazil and China respectively)


For more information and to purchase "A Manager's Guide To Hiring The Best Person For Every Job" , click here.















Now available!  The companions to "A Manager's Guide To Hiring The Best Person For Every Job" for those who would like to create their own in-house study group.  Published by Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, a Wiley Company.

You would need a copy of "A Manager's Guide To Hiring The Best Person For Every Job" (see above) for each participant; a copy of the Participant's Workbook for each participant and one copy of the Facilitator's Guide for the group facilitator. 







 What clients say about our workshops. 

We've been working with DeAnne for over ten years.  The incredible thing about her workshops  is that people retain 80% of what they hear rather than the usual 15%.  As a result of her workshops on interviewing, our turnover is virtually nonexistent; we hire right and we retain our employees.  As a result of her workshops on performance feedback, we initiated a process of continuous evaluation which has doubled the staff's motivation and productivity.  DeAnne has given our managers the tools that enable them to do a superior leadership job. Andrea Bunde, Vice President of Human Resources, ECRM

A typical comment from those in your workshop, "...the workshop was terrific! DeAnne Rosenberg is an absolute dynamo. Lots of good stuff to digest." While these reflect appreciation of your skillful presentation, it is clear to me that the broader goal of establishing a perception of quality for our training programs was also achieved. Thank you! Barbara Lewis, director of Human Resources, Harvard Medical School

Those managers who did not attend were lined up at my door asking when we will have you back to do another session. In eight years of managing training programs at United, I have never seen such a positive reaction from management personnel to anything. Those who attended thought this was the most valuable workshop they had ever attended on a non-technical subject. The especially enjoyed your sense of humor and enthusiasm for the topic.  Diana Robinson, Training Coordinator, MIS Division, United Airlines

We're very pleased with our twelve year relationship with DeAnne. Her dynamism and quality program content have consistently contributed toward reducing staff turnover and increasing productivity. DeAnne Rosenberg is an investment well made. John E. Dugan, Director of Human Resources, Multibank Financial

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